529 Withdrawal Options

529 Withdrawal Options

Below you will find the various ways you can withdraw money for education expenses.

Online Request:

To make an online withdrawal:

Phone Request:

To make a withdrawal by phone to the account owner or to the school directly, please call NJBEST at 877-465-2378

Phone requests can be made for the following:

Requesting a check made payable to:

Requesting an Automated Clearing House transaction made payable to:

Written Request:

To make a withdrawal by mail for proceeds to be sent directly to the school (if on file), a third party, or a new checking/savings account:

Please note: The withdrawal form cannot be faxed if a signature guarantee is required.

A signature guarantee may be required if the distribution request indicates the following:

All requests must be made by the account owner. Franklin Templeton Investments cannot take distribution instructions from a beneficiary.