Gifting Options

With NJBEST, it is easy for family and friends to contribute to your NJBEST account.

There are several ways they can help.



Our Exclusive Crowdfunding Platform

Spryng is a quick and easy way for family and friends to make contributions towards your NJBEST 529 College Savings Plan. In less than two minutes, you can set up a Spryng profile and share it with family and friends.

Learn more and get started.

How Spryng Works


a personal story about the 529 beneficiary.


once your profile is complete!


via email or social media with friends and family!


Make a One-Time Gift

Old-School Paper Giving

Prefer to do a paper gift? With information like account number, payee name and address, anyone can make a contribution (minimum of $25) by sending handwritten checks in the mail.1

Then consider sending a card to whom you gave the gift…we have templates below, so you can print and mail now.


Download or Share

One-Time Contribution Form.


Gifting Announcements

Print Your Own Cards

Whether you use Spryng, mail a contribution, or simply give a child cash for their NJBEST account, use these printed announcements to share your generosity. Choose the card below that matches the occasion you are celebrating. Then personalize, print and deliver your gift announcement to that special child in your life.

Download and print your announcements